At MAHOOHOO designer-made is something we hold in high regard. Each piece is designed and made in our Bay Area coastal studio by (us) Christiana and Chris Kalos (Chief Experimentalists).


It is our belief that great design comes from an Artists experimentation with material. We source beautiful raw material and transform it into Simple, forward thinking pieces that are a pleasure to wear.


And now for the biggest question we get…. Why the name MAHOOHOO?


After a throw-down game of Balderdash in 2009 MAHOOHOO was born. You know…BALDERDASH, the game of bluffing. During this epic night of fun bull-shittery, we were asked to define numerous ridiculous sounding words one of which was MAHOOHOO. It just so happened at that time we (Christiana & Chris) were embarking on the new journey of starting a Handmade Apparel and Accessory company. And MAHOOHOO has a great ring to it. The winning Definition was Ceremonial Undergarments, The real definition is as follows:

©MAHOOHOO all rights reserved




1. (Zool.) The African white two-horned rhinoceros (Atelodus simus).

Our biggest take away from this game was that Ideas like Words can be defined and redefined endlessly. MAHOOHOO as a company is always experimenting and looking for the new angle, a redefining of what everyday adornments look like, fit like, and feel like. Silhouette, Fit, and Texture are heavy hitters in our aesthetic, they are our primary colors so to speak, and the way in which we mix them is what makes us MAHOOHOO.